My speech at the ISACA San Francisco Fall Conference: How to Improve Your Risk Assessments with…

by Tony Martin-Vegue

I’ve been a long-time member of the San Francisco chapter of ISACA, so it was truly an honor for me to be selected to speak at the 2014 Fall Conference on October 15th.

My speech was titled “How to Improve Your Risk Assessments with Attacker-Centric Threat Modeling.”

Here’s the speech abstract:

CISO’s and risk analysts alike often get caught up in checking boxes on a list of control objectives in order to satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements. However, companies that only view risk through a narrow, regulatory or compliance-focused lens have the potential to overlook a myriad of threats that could impact business continuity, customer privacy and security and financial solvency. The last several high-profile data breaches prove that compliance does not equal security.

There are many ways to assess risk in a meaningful, efficient way that drives business value. Many top companies are moving away from control-based and vulnerability-based risk assessments and are instead putting themselves in the shoes of an attacker. In order to keep up with the rapidly evolving world of cyber criminals and crime rings, organizations are learning to utilize threat intelligence to ascertain the methods, goals, and objectives of threat agents that are targeting their firm or similar firms in their sector. This helps an organization produce focused risk assessments that take a business-centric approach.

This is a beginner to intermediate-level presentation designed to provide an introduction to threat modeling, a primer on threat modeling techniques, ways to integrate threat modeling into risk management frameworks (such as FAIR and NIST), and how to build a library of threat agents specific to one’s firm. Attendees will learn hands-on techniques to perform threat modeling that they will be able to immediately integrate into their risk assessment processes.

Slides below: